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The Cohos Trail (CT) leaves the White Mountains National Forest just north of South Pond, near the Route 110 highway. Once you cross the highway you begin to enter the realm of the 39,000 acre Nash Stream Forest, New Hampshire's largest state forest, by far. The Cohos Trail runs through the Nash Stream Forest on new and existing trail systems for some 16 miles (more if you count the one-way Sugarloaf Mt. Trail).

South Pond to Route 110 OPEN From South Pond recreation area, the CT utilizes the South Pond access road for a little less than a mile, then turns 90 degrees to the left on an old trail. This old trail swings west and then very abruptly east and north and falls to Route 110 across from the Bell Hill bridge.
Bell Hill Bridge and Percy Road ROAD The CT utilizes a few feet of Route 110, the Bell Hill Bridge, and a quarter mile of the Percy Road in Stark to link South Pond to the trails in Nash Stream Forest.
The Bald Mt. Trail OPEN Restored by The Cohos Trail Association (TCTA), this trail runs through little Bald Mt. Notch and runs out to Rowells Brook in the Nash Stream Forest. A new bypass skirts the wettest area on the trail.
Rowells Brook Link OPEN This new trail links the Bald Mt. Trail to the Jimmy Cole Brook Road (a grassy old logging access road) and the southern routes to the Percy Peaks.
Jimmy Cole Brook Rd. OPEN The CT rides this old grassy way for half a mile westward and ever so slightly downhill until it rendezvous with the Old Percy Summer Club Trail.
Percy Summer Club Trail OPEN This nearly century old route was obliterated by logging over the course of the decades. The TCTA restored its lower section and created a new upper section to reach the col between North and South Percy Peaks, where the original trail terminated. It has now been formally opened as a good deal of work and blazing was done in 2001 on the fine old trail. It is easy to follow and restored a southern access to the Percy Peaks.
South Percy Peak Trail ROUGH This former flagged route has now been opened in the col and up to South Percy Peak. Trail is closing in and needs to be worked this summer.
Percy Peaks Trail OPEN One of the few well-known trails north of the White Mountains, the Percy Peaks Trail runs from Nash Stream Road up to the wonderful bald summit of North Percy. The CT rides on the very top upper section of the trail.
Percy Loop Trail OPEN This all new trail, created by TCTA, is now entirely clear from its junction with the Percy Peaks Trail down to the long abandoned Class C road known as The Long Mt. Brook Road. Watch for several holes in the rocks that could break a leg.
Long Mt. Brook Trail OPEN This wonderful old Class C road is now a delightful woods trail two miles downhill to the Nash Stream Road. We designate it as part of the new Percy Loop Trail to avoid confusion. Anyway, the old way coupled with the new upper section cuts combines for an entirely new access to the Percy Peaks from the north and east.
Long Mt. Bypass Trail PROPOSED TCTA plans to link the Percy Loop with the top of Pond Brook Falls on a new 2-mile trail that will run around the steep flanks of Long Mt., cross the Pond Brook Road and descend to the top of the falls. It will eliminate the walk along the Nash Stream Road. We would like to do something in the future with this trail.
Nash Stream Road ROAD The CT utilizes about 1.9 miles of the dirt Nash Stream Road to gain access to the northern sections of the state forest. Two old road switchbacks have been brushed out in 2001 to take hikers off the road at least some of the way.
Pond Brook Falls Trail OPEN This 300-foot trail allows access to beautiful Pond Brook Falls. The Stratford High School outdoor club opened a trail on the north side of the falls, to allow folks to access the top of the falls without risking slipping on the slide-granite when the falls are wet. The Stratford School maintains some nice nature trails in the vicinity, known as Lion's Lane.
Stratford Mt. Spur Road OPEN Just 100 feet north of the Pond Brook Falls Trail and headed west is a tire track to a gate and to a new snowmobile bridge of Nash Stream. This track then climbs the opposite bank of Nash Stream to a junction with the West Side Road.
The West Side Road OPEN This grassy gated road, which sees no traffic, runs up the west side of Nash Stream valley. Since it gets no vehicle use we call it a trail, hence the "open" designation.
Sugarloaf Arm Trail OPEN Newly reopened as a wide snowmobile trail, it links the West Side Road to the Sugarloaf Mountain trailhead.
Nash Bog's East Side Trail OPEN This new trail on ancient logging and skid routes is now open, as a good deal of work was done to improve the trail and add bog bridges. It can be easily followed for a loop walk around Nash Bog. A spur trail has been cut in to the Devil's Jacuzzi, as well.
Headwaters Road OPEN This gated road is much like the West Side Road. It is really a trail now rather than a road.
Headwaters North OPEN Logging and skid paths that extend the Headwaters Road into high and remote country.
Gadwah Notch to Kelsey Notch OPEN The entire trail between Gadwah Notch to Baldhead South and on to the Kelsey Notch region is now clear, well blazed and in good condition. There are blue blazes and red blazes in a few places, designating state and paper company lands. But there are CT yellow blazes throughout. The Baldhead South lean-to is in place at 3,047 feet on Baldhead's tallest of four summits.
Phillips Brook North Rd. OPEN Once a through extension of the Phillips Brook Road in the beautiful Phillips Brook Valley. This section has been cut off from the southern road by many decades off logging and regrowth. It is easy to follow northward to Kelsey Notch.

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