Is the Trail Difficult?

Cohos Trail Sign and Blaze

Yes and No! The Cohos Trail can be difficult in places, largely because it is lengthy and, in many places, very isolated. There are few supply stops, huts or shelters (at least not now). Therefore, The Cohos Trail is not for everyone. You need above average woods and outdoor skills, and good physical condition and health to make a go of it. You need to carry a very well thought-out pack, and, if you are a through-hiker, you'll need to ship caches ahead to several locations. However, many features along the trail can be visited easily in an hour or two, so great day hikes are possible.


The Cohos Trail is the work of Kim Robert Nilsen and a small association -- The Cohos Trail Association (TCTA). Most of its volunteers, officers and board members hail from Coos County, NH (in the far north). It has been built by volunteers near and far, by students in the North Country Trailmaster program, by High School students, Eagle Scouts, Americorps workers, several highly skilled cutters from the woods industry, elderly citizens, even children...


Look through this web site thoroughly. It will inform you about great sections of the trail, about day hikes, and about how to get there. It will inform you where you may camp, how to keep from getting lost, what lodging is available and where, and even where to obtain shuttle service. It will show you about how you might join the TCTA, how you can help and volunteer, where you can purchase maps, guidebooks and other products, and how you can support this vast effort in other ways.

Fall Blueberry


Remember, The Cohos Trail is a wild trail in a million acres of mountains and forests. It's for those who really, really want to get away from it all. It's a trail where you can test yourself, and a trail where you can find real solace, the sort of peace you might have experienced had you arrived here 1,000 years ago.


We want to welcome you to our favorite place in the whole world, The Great North Woods, called Coos County. Hope you enjoy this place we call home as much as we do. If you make it up to Pittsburg, feel free to stop in and say hello. You can pitch a tent in our campground or stay in the 'Mountain Bungalow'. Leave your world behind and enjoy the peace and solitude of the trail and stop and chat with a moose.

The Cohos Trail Association
19 Main St. Apt. 2
PO Box 245
W. Stewartstown, NH 03597

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