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Attention hikers:

Temporary Cohos Trail relocation in Pittsburg - 2013

The Southern end of the Camp Otter Trail has been closed.

After reaching Route 3 from the Round Pond Brook Trail, turn left, UPHILL.... (NORTH)...... At the top of this steep hill (Corkscrew Hill), you'll see a pull-out on the right side of the road and a sign "800 foot Bog Bridge Trail" with a yellow blaze. This is the new section of trail that will take you out to the Magalloway Road, where you'll connect to The Moose Alley Trail.

The Dry River Trail and part of the Isolation Trail is closed in the White Mountain National Forest

162 miles from Crawford Notch to the Canadian border in Pittsburg, NH. You can then continue on the Sentier Frontalier's trail to Mount Megantic or Mount Gosford in Quebec, Canada. This is the only international trail in New Hampshire. There are many day hike opportunities along the full length and a great deal of remote terrritory where you may never meet another human being.

Hikers at Baldhead Lean-to    Thru Hikers

Untamed Adventure workers    Volunteers on the Falls in the River Trail

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