Supply Caches along the Cohos Trail

Cherry Pond

Important Information:

The Cohos Trail is a long and isolated trail system. It is very difficult to get supplies along almost the entire length of the trail. So resupply is a real problem.

In order to attempt the entire trail, you will need to create supply caches along the way. Fortunately, a number of lodges, inns and campgrounds along the route will accept and hold supply caches, either for free or for a small fee.

Below are two lists. The first is a list of the stores that are on or within a half mile or so of the trail. The second list is a group of accommodation businesses that will accept caches.

List of stores along the CT route (south to north)

  • Bretton Woods Depot Store (general store)
  • Jefferson Village Store (general store)
  • The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel staff canteen (Closed for renovations)
  • Diamond Peaks Store, Dixville – 3 miles west of Dixville Notch
  • Dube’s Pitstop, Pittsburg village
  • Lake Francis Campground Store (Limited selection)
  • Young’s Store – half a mile south of the trail, on Route 3

List of accommodations that will accept caches (south to north)