The Cohos Trail guidebook, self-published by the Cohos Trail Association, is the only comprehensive guide in existence featuring the 170-mile Cohos Trail. It is available in both digital and paperback format. It is written as though the hiker is walking northbound from southern Crawford Notch in Harts Location, NH, all the way to the Canadian border, and includes descriptive and historical context as well as route information.

Our databooks are simple, easy to use, but critical tools for hikers trekking on the Cohos Trail. They provide trail mileage, locations of water and shelter, and other basic information. They are available in both Southbound and Northbound versions. 2/11/2022 Hold off on the SOBO book, information to be added soon.

The Cohos Trail Guidebook
(Fourth Edition, 2017)

The Cohos Trail Databook
– Northbound (Fourth Edition, 2021)

The Cohos Trail Databook
– Southbound (Third Edition, 2016)