By Kris Pieper

As of February 16, 2021, logging operations are planned for the winter and early spring in Stewartstown township. Hikers must use caution while traveling the Cohos Trail in the Coleman State Park region. Active logging can pose an extreme hazard to a hiker. Approach all logging equipment and trucks with caution. Please gain visual attention and acknowledgement from all machine operators encountered. Do not assume they can see you. Although the actual impact of this logging operation on the Cohos Trail should be minimal, the routes used to move out the logs are along parts of our trail.

Please remember the North Country is a working forest and is a major part of the economy and life of Coos County. The Cohos Trail runs right through large private and governmental woodland properties that are often harvested.

Respecting property rights is required of our hikers, and our future ability to hike on these lands relies on your actions. Thank you for making the Cohos Trail successful.