Cohos Tales

Honoring the Past While Building for the Future

By Ken Vallery

I will never forget holding that big wooden mallet in two hands attempting to stay steady on that ladder as I drove the first peg into the soon-to-be completed Devil’s Rest lean-to. It was certainly a proud day for me and a culmination of years of planning and work for the Cohos Trail and Garland Mill Timberframes. Since the beginning of the Cohos Trail certain individuals and companies have been st [READ MORE…]

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Don’t You Just Love a Disaster

By Kim Nilsen

We posted a little dramatic story about the Nash Stream Bog Dam breach disaster of 1969 on Facebook more than a month ago. Folks just loved that flood, apparently. As of today, more than 280 people have “liked” the article and an astonishing 231 people have shared it with their Facebook friends and family. So the great flood has washed into hundreds of computers across the land and inundated thousands of innocent folks on laptops, tablets and cellphones everywhere.


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The Nash Bog Dam Disaster

By Kim Nilsen

The Cohos Trail had its origins in a disaster. In 1969, the great earthen and timber crib dam that held back beautiful 223-acre Nash Bog failed utterly high in what is now the Nash Stream Forest. Several years later, the late Arthur Muise, a much revered NH Fish and Game officer and the man for whom Mt. Muise is named, spun a yarn to me about the dam breach and the great flood that destroyed the Nash Stream valley and swamped the streets and the paper mill in Groveton v [READ MORE…]

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