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Cohos Trail June Notes

At this moment, Deer Mountain Campground in northernmost Pittsburg is closed due to storm damage that affects a number of campsites within the campground. There are a considerable number of blowdowns and leaners that have to be removed before the state facility can be opened for business.

The Moose Alley Trail got [READ MORE…]

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What’s New on the Cohos Trail in 2018

The Cohos Trail Association has a number of critical projects on the agenda in 2018, projects that will substantially improve the trail and the ability to stay out in the backcountry under a roof.

The all-volunteer trails group will also be utilizing contracted help to support the effort to clear extensive storm damage along scores of miles of pathway the length of Coos County, NH.

So, that said, here is a look at some of the things you can expect on the Cohos Trail during the hiking seaso [READ MORE…]

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What’s New Right Now in 2017

Here are some things you should know right now about the Cohos Trail.

  1. The new Trio Trail and Pond Brook Falls Trails are open, eliminating 1.9 miles of road walking in the Nash Stream Forest.
  2.  The Moose Alley Trail is closed right now (July 20) due to a logging operation. Signs are posted at either end telling you how to bypass the problem on Route 3 and the Magalloway Road.
  3. [READ MORE…]

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The new Neil Tillotson Hut shelter is complete in northern Pittsburg

Recently, a score of volunteers came out to help with the construction of the new Neil Tillotson Hut lean-to shelter in the Connecticut Lakes State Park in northern Pittsburg, NH, about 10 miles or so south of the Canadian border. Hikers may now camp legally between Lake Francis Campground and Deer Mountain Campground at the top of the state. A composting latrine has not been installed as of this writing, but will be before the hiking season ends.


The new Neil Tillotson Hut shelter is complete in northern Pittsburg2020-11-10T12:37:39-05:00


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